Terms and conditions

I. About Us

Service http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ is provided by SC MIRION PRESS LLC located in Bucharest, Bdul.1 December 1918, No. 22, Sector 3, working center  located  in Pta.Presei  Libere No.1 , Casa Presei Libere, Building C2, mezzanine, room 12, registered in trade register under no. J40/18834/2006, with unique registration code R019217257, called in the following as Society.

You can contact us at:

By e-mail at the following addresses:

abo@abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro - For  FAQ  regarding ordering procedure, payment methods, delivery methods, price offers, etc.

mailto:abonamente@mirionpress.ro – For FAQ  regarding ordering procedure, payment methods, delivery methods, price offers for Romania’s outside clients.

office@mirionpress.ro – For  collaborations and partnerships.

Telephone:,, 0755,940,875,


II. About  www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro

http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro is an e-commerce  service that offers its users the possibility to purchase  the products displayed. Acquisition of products is based on orders received through the website or telephone.

III. Intellectual property

The content and design of  http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro  belongs to the Society and/ or its collaborators and is protected by intellectual property laws. You can not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce materials of  http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ without  having  written permission , prior  of the Society. You can not use frames (HTML meaning) or framing techniques (HTML meaning) for trademarks, logos, or other information protected by copyright law (including images, text, interfaces, forms) of http: / / www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  without having  written permission , prior of the Society.

It is allowed to create limited , revocable, and nonexclusive index of hyperlinks to the http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  as long as this does not presents   http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro / service in a false, misleading, derogatory or offensive position. You can not use the logo or other graphic properties, or marks as part of the hyperlinks without having written permission, prior of the Society.

IV. Registering as a user

Http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  site can be accessed for free, and the easy navigation of  its pages is not conditioned by registration as a user (create a user account on the site). In order to benefit of certain services provided by the Site, and purchase products offered by , receiving the http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  newsletter or checking  the status of own orders , you will need to register as a user (create a user account on the site). Registering as a user requires prior acceptance by of  http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/   Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. These legislation forms the basis of contractual relationships between users and the Society.

As provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy may change, please review them periodically. In the circumstances where  you will not agree with their provisions, please do not acces http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ anymore.

If you use this Site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of data access to your user account created on the Site and you agree to assume responsibility for all activities performed  from  your user account created on the site.

Http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  can sell products for children under 14 (fourteen) years, but it sells  them only to adults  who are authorized to make payments online by credit card or other payment method accepted by http : / / www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ . If you have less  than 14 (fourteen) years, you can purchase http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  products , only with the perimission of a parent or a tutor.

V. Personal Data

By registering as a user of http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ we will ask you for  personal information such as name, email address, date of birth and other personal information, allowing identify you as a user of the service http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/. Also to subscribe to the newsletter or alerts http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ will have to communicate us an e-mail , address and other data about you.

VI. Purchases

To purchase and take possession of the products offered for sale http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro we will need the following steps:

- Identify and choose products

- Your registration as a user of http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/

- Payment products. Payment is made online or by bank transfer / payment order governed under Chapter VII, and the final cost of the product ordered will contain the price including VAT, delivery and price, if any, green stamp tax, in accordance with the provisions of GD 448 / 2005.

- Delivery of products ordered and paid for will be accompanied by tax invoice and other legal documents. By launching an electronic or telephone orders http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ , you agree to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) which conducts operations site.

VII. Buying

VII.1. Prices

Http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ displayed product’ s prices are  final and includes VAT purchase value-added tax of 9% (for print subscriptions) and (if applicable) 24% (for electronic products, PDF or online access) available in Romania. Final purchasing prices may vary  from your  "total basket" , meaning that some commands may  contain delivery or courier fee ( is applicable).

VII.2. Payment

For payment , you can choose from the following payment methods: bank transfer / money order or  cash on delivery or at our working centre. If you choose bank transfer as payment method / payment order, you will receive an invoice that please pay within 5 (five) days from issuance.

If you choose to pay cash on delivery or at our working centre , you will pay the subscription based on  related invoice and receipt.

a. Select the product that you want to buy and press "Add to cart".

b. Enter / confirm your personal information.

This information is necessary for correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you. Please complete the form correctly and indicate the  people to  which we are doing the  invoicing and delivery. E-mail is very important because information about the order and product will be sent by e-mail. An incorrect e-mail will slow the processing of command. Furthermore, the Society  will not be able to contact you and inform you on the status of your order.If the delivery address is not the same as billing address, please inform us! Choose the desired method of payment and confirm the information by pressing "Send order".

VIII. Description and recall

http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  makes every effort  to be as accurate. However, http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ does not gurantees  that product descriptions or other types of materials  about them is accurate, complete, current or error free.

There will not be retur notes  for editions of newspapers, magazines, products on DVD, CD or products electromic format (PDF or online edition)!

IX. Reviews, comments, communications and other content

Users may post reviews, comments and other content, submit suggestions, ideas, ask questions, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not violate the privacy or the law on the protection of intellectual property, not contains software viruses, commercial communications, political, hate or intolerance based on ethnic, religious, racial, sexual orientation, collective messages or other forms of spam. In order to posting reviews, comments, communications and other content, you can not use false  e-mail or identities. http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  reserves the right, but has no obligation to remove or edit all content posted by users and has no obligation to periodically review this content.

X. Force Majeure

http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ , affiliates and / or general suppliers of products or services to http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  can not be held responsible for any delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from causes which do not depend on the will of http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ . This relief includes, but is not limited to: technical malfunctions of equipment from http://www. subscriptions, newspapers, reviste.ro / , no functioning internet connection, no functioning telephone connection, computer viruses, unauthorized access to systems operating http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  errors and cases of force majeure stipulated by Romanian law.

XI. Advertising

http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  may display  in its pages, ads to the  products from its  offer , but also ads to the products and services belonging to the third-parties . By using http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use and its Privacy Policy, we directly express permission to be the recipient of such communication with the commercial.

XII. Claims for breach of the law regarding the protection of intellectual property

http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  respects the intellectual property of others. If you noticed that the site contains information which violates  their intellectual property, please send us a notice by e-mail: office@mirionpress.ro, or contact us by fax and phone numbers, or address correspondence, displayed on  the contact page.

XIII. Applicable law

Services offered by the Company by http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/  are governed by the provisions Romanian legislation, especially the Law 365/2002 on Electronic Commerce, Consumer Protection Ordinance 130/2000 on the conclusion and performance of contracts remote EC/96/2002 GD 448/2005 and European Directive governing the tax regime for green stamp applicable to electronic products.

Terms and conditions http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ subject to Romanian law. In cases of dispute, it shall first seek an amicable settlement within 30 working days from filing the complaint at the company Mirion Press Ltd.. If you can not reach agreement within the time specified above, the dispute between the parties shall be subject to courts settlement in the municipality of Bucharest.

XIV. Presentation of the offer

Company Press Mirion reserves the right to work anytime, any changes on prices and technical data present on the  site http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ , without prior notice. The technical data presented on the site http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/ are for information and does not represents a contractual obligation. The photos on the site http://www.abonamente-ziare-reviste.ro/   are for information and there may be differences between them and the product.





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